Undersatnding People Essay

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Different people see the world from different perspectives. In our society, there will always be misunderstandings between people and those people’s reactions will differ. Some choose to mope, groan, and even get angry about the way that themselves or others are treated while some decide to try and do something about it. Still, there are others who think to themselves that maybe the best way to deal with the issues among people is to try and comprehend what they mean and just live by them. As Benedict Spinoza put it, “I have striven not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, nor to hate them, but to understand them.” Authors now try to understand actions that people make instead of ridiculing them. The following explains these …show more content…
As he grows up, the truth comes out and he realizes that his father being an alcoholic is not his fault. Sanders understands the his Dad’s problem was not his problem to deal with. It was something that had taken over his father long before he could ever stop or take blame. He learns from this. He learns that this is not the way to live someone’s life, so he promises himself that he will not be like his father. He makes sure that he will never suffer the fate that killed his father.
     Another essay, from Judith Ortiz Cofer, is entitled “More Room”. In a life filled with religion, her grandmother just wanted to be able to live her days to the fullest. Being so religious, she could not share the same bed with her husband knowing that if she did, she was sure to have more children. As much as her grandmother loved her young ones, she knew that if she kept on having them, it would slow her down to the point that someday, she would be bed ridden. That was not what she wanted. So, her grandmother told her grandfather to build a room, not for a new child, but for him. Ortiz is showing the reader that her grandmother still loved her husband, but she had to separate them in order to achieve personal contentment. After the separation, Ortiz’s Mamá was able to live the rest of her life in complete happiness. She gave up the
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