Underserved Community: A Case Study

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Did this new plan address the need of the underserved community? Many people felt that the Obamacare mandate forced them to pay more for health care with no added benefit. In actuality, it took benefits from those already with insurance coverage and require them to pay more in premiums and out of pocket. Stop and think about what just happen to health care. If our government truly cared about our health - why would it burden down an already exhausted and over-taxed citizens with more debt? If you compare 2013 over 2016, you will clearly see the enormity of this health care burden that's being placed on you and me. I feel it - do you? Also, know as the 'affordable health care plan' it was packaged and sold as the answer to our underserved…show more content…
It instead created mass confusion and alienated 49% of insured Americans leaving them wondering what just happened to their health plan. I've heard more four letter words out of ordinarily nice people's mouth than I've heard at a baseball game. I'll be honest with you, I don't know how many Americans are dealing with this issue - but, I think that it's unfair. The system needs to be overhauled and it should start at the top. There's no flexible option with this new plan! If you decide not to have coverage - the system will penalize you until you surrender. Some people reading this article might feel that I'm just ranting - I see it as standing up for justice. What did Bob Marley say "No, woman, no cry". I'm crying inside for this concerns are deep! Is It Affordable Health Care? At first glance, the plan appears to address the issue of affordability - the option to find out if you are eligible for sliding scale financial assistance to help reduce your monthly premium. Or you could qualify for FREE insurance through Medicaid. It’s all based on income for the elderly, families and children, and people with disabilities. This program differs from state to state. Under the new rules, you might qualify for this program even if you were disqualified in the…show more content…
This is without a doubt, bate and switch. We've been sold inferior health care coverage folks. The Cost of Obamacare? People had the option to choose the type of health care plan that suits their needs. The law was designed to allow consumers to make an intelligent decision after reviewing their options.This would give them control over their health care. But, if the insurance companies decide which plans to offer and how much they will cost - how are consumers in control? All plans must be approved by state insurance departments and certified by the Marketplace. The Marketplace have a range of price and plans to choose from. Some plans have lower monthly premiums with high out-of-pocket care. Some plans have higher-premium plans for more cost of care coverage. If the Marketplace is your source for the best price in health care coverage - then we are at the mercy of the Insurance companies and the Federal
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