Underserving Vs Deserving

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“Undeserving- should be able to be responsible for self,” versus “deserving-worthy of help” (p.16). These conflicting beliefs have no validity in my opinion because there is no possible way to test and prove whether a person is deserving or not. The first sentence in the paragraph explaining underserving and deserving says “most Americans support the idea of helping people in need, as long as the people are worthy of help” (p.16). When I read this I think “how do we decide who is worthy of help?” Who has the power and ranking in life to look down upon a crowd a people and pick who deserves help?
I do not agree with the notion that any person is undeserving of help. I think that there are too many variables to take into consideration when a person is struggling. “The difference between who is worthy and who is not is based on an individual’s view of the circumstances that
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“Empathy is the ability to understand the situation and experiences of another person” (p.76). “social empathy calls for us to use insight gained about people’s lives to develop public policies that are sensitive to people’s needs based on the realities of their living situations” (p..76). For example, a person born into a middle class family, raised in a middle class neighborhood with two supportive parents free of substance abuse and the opportunity to attend school and higher education may not be able to understand the circumstances of someone that did not have this same opportunity and therefor has developed maladaptive behaviors for society.
Our text discusses how blaming the victim for individual circumstances is part of American ideology, however, this goes back to what I discussed earlier when a person or company cannot provide the help necessary than it is much easier to blame the victim as the reason why circumstances are the way they are rather than naming them deserving of additional
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