Understand Child and Young Person Development Essays

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Assignment 023 Understand Child and Young Person Development
Task A A1
Table 1: Physical Development Age Range | Explain the sequence and rate of development | 0-3 months | Babies at birth have learnt to use their reflexes e.g. grasp reflex where a babies puts their fingers round object that has touch the palm of their hand. They are born loads of different reflexes that they do without thinking. At one month babies are less curled up and also
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| Shauni Morgan
Shauni Morgan 6-9 months | Babies are most likely to understand that people and objects do not disappear when they are not out of sight but continue to exist, so this mean they start to become more upset when a familiar carer leaves the room. As they now understand they career is around and wants to be with them although this is not the same for every baby. | 9-12 months | Babies now want to take part in things they see happening around them and what turn they interest. They able to recognise the routes of the day becoming tired and upset when they now it is nap time or when the bath water is going. | 1-2 years | At this ages some toddlers when some independence, they are starting to develop to be they own individuals. Which means they are able to have a mind of they own also Which mean they can be restless and they moods changes quickly. They are becoming attracted to adults not just they parents and enjoy playing more things such as pretend play. | 2-4 years | They make a huge leap at this age, they are bale to understand more what going on around them and understand the needs of others. They learn to look forward to going to tings such as nursery and play school. | 4-7 years | Children have started education, which can be transition period for some children as some could have less concentration and not be
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