Understand Child and Young Person Essay

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Unit 10 Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth - 19 years.

1.1 Physical Development, Communication and Intellectual development. Social, emotional and behavioural development.
All babies, children and young people follow the same pattern when it comes to development but each person is unique. Every day they will grow, develop and learn at there own pace but following a similar basic pattern in their sequence of development.
A child’s development can be measured through social, emotional, intellectual, physical and language developmental milestones. This is the Holistic Process when dealing with every aspect of the child and their environment.
1.2 The best way in which to describe
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• Controls feet, legs and arms. • Responds to own name. • Is mobile and may be able to crawl, bum shuffle or even walk (dependent on child) • Hold and Throws objects • Will respond to simple instructions and may follow them. • Is unintentionally aggressive to other children due to their egocentric behaviour. For example, all toys belong to them. • May say first real word • Develops gross motor skills; walking, running, climbing.

1-2 Years • Will enjoy lights, sounds ,music and colours. Will sing and copy actions to rhymes. • Is very mobile and will walk unaided. Develops their gross motor skills and enjoys to walk, run and climb. Can climb the stairs unaided and come down them with help. • Will try to feed themselves and hold their own cup. • Repeats words and may try to put them together to form a sentence. By 2 years will have a vocabulary of approximately 200 words. • Has emotional outbursts and will want to get their own way. Will not like been told no. • Has longer concentration when playing. Will put together puzzles and start to play with others happily although will still want all toys to be theirs. • Becomes more independent and will want to dress themselves and undress themselves. (this is more towards the 18+ month stage) • May be able to use the potty but have difficulty staying dry. • Will have a full set of teeth

2-3 Years •
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