Understand Child and Young Persons Development 0-19 Essay example

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MARCIA MCKENZIE Unit – 506 Level 5 CYP | Units Criteria | ‘’We are moulded by and re-moulded by those who have loved us; and though the love may pass, we are nevertheless their work for good or ill’’ ( Francois Mairlac) 1. Explain the sequence of development that would normally be expected in children and young people from birth to -19 years.Children have certain basic, physical and psychological needs and if these needs are not met then growth psychological developmental will be distorted in many ways. Everyone needs shelter, food, water, warmth and not to mention grooming and hygiene, activities which are laid down in Maslow’s hierarchy of basic need. If they are neglected or unfulfilled then this will have…show more content…
2.3 Explain how theorise of development and frame works to support Development. Family and Social Relationships:How stable and affectionate is the young person’s relationship with parents, staff, peers, as manager I would analyse if the interaction is of age appropriate with peers and other significant persons in the child’s lifeTheir understanding of the way in which appearance, behaviour and any impairment are perceived by the outside world will be addressed. Their appropriateness regarding dress for their age and gender. Their personal hygiene and cleanliness routine will also addressed. And finally, an overview of their placement with us, their behaviour, and concerns any future recommendations. Educational needs will be assessed and how they respond to this, and their capabilities.Fairbridge is a government run initiative where it promotes young people to make life changes regarding their own lives. It offers life skills, along with activities to enhance their communications and listening skills. Fairbridge will also do exercises, which incorporate trust along with integration with other young people with the same background.The child’s growing sense of self as a separate and valued individual person. Their own views of self-image and self-esteem. If their self-worth is how a lot of work will be undertaken by the team to ensure it is boosted. Race, religion, age, gender, sexuality and disability may contribute to this feeling of
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