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Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. Task A- Short Answer Questions Ai) Imagine you are a newly appointed supervisor/manager within your service. You need to update your staff handbook to reflect current employment law. Identify three different sources of information you could use to enable you to do this. (3 marks) * The Government website is one source of information that could be used. It has information on many things including benefits, working, jobs and pensions. This website has an entire section dedicated to “employing people” and gives information about statutory rights for employees regarding all aspects of employment including:…show more content…
It goes on to say that due to the evolving nature and changing demand of the business I must understand that the description is to be seen as a guide only which gives an example of the sorts of jobs I am expected to undertake. My duties may vary from time to time and I may be required to work in any department of the company in order to meet the needs of the business. It states that I am required to work whatever hours the business needs, up to a maximum of 46 hours per week. The contract also includes my holiday entitlement and includes my statutory right under the Working Time Regulations 1998. It says the holiday year runs from 1st April to 31st March and a full year paid holiday entitlement allowance is 28 days for a full time employee or pro-rata for those doing less than 40 hours over 5 days per week. Bank holidays are mandate and deducted from this allowance. It explains how individual preferences for holidays will be met as much as possible but the needs of the business may need to take precedence. The contract of employment also states that it will pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) as long as I have complied with all the statutory rules, and that it may pay sick pay in addition to SSP at its entire discretion. If my absence lasts less than 4 calendar days then I would be required to report to my manager on my

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