Understand How to Safeguard the Well Being of Children and Young People

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Understand how to safeguard the well being of children and young people 1.1. Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures with own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people Children act 1989 The Children Act 1989 was brought about to help keep children safe and well and, if necessary, help a child to live with their family by providing services appropriate to the child's needs. The Act imposes a general duty on local councils to provide a range of services to 'children in need' in their area, if those services will help keep a child safe and well. The Children Act 1989 aimed to ensure that the welfare of a child comes first also working in partnership with parents to protect children…show more content…
1.5 Explain how the processes used by own work setting or service comply with legislation that covers data protection, information handling and sharing. In my setting we have a child protection policy this covers data protection, information handling and sharing, it states that information held about children should be kept in a safe and secure place where no one other than staff members can reach also personal data whether manual or electronic should be kept secure to stop it from being lost, damaged or destroyed. Paper records should be locked away and keys should be kept safe. If it is on computer than it should be password protected and passwords should only be known by staff members or key workers. All files should be out of sight of any unauthorised persons at all times. Data should not be faxed or emailed unless made anonymous first as you cannot guarantee security. When the data is no longer needed it should be destroyed in my setting all children’s records are kept in the manager’s office which makes it safe and secure and
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