Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People.

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Understand how to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People. Bii) a) The importance of designing a service that responds to the needs of the children and young people…. Why it is important to When working with Children is it always important to design a service to meet all their needs. So that they feel comfortable in their surroundings and independently develop. Services that have been put in place are good for the benefit for the Children when they start at a new Nursery. These services also help them develop while they are at the Nursery, and the Children can take the skills they have learnt and take them with them. The skills they learn may indeed stay with them when they grow older and start attending school. Key…show more content…
To set new activities, activities that is different. So then the Children can develop their skills and not keep using the same activity materials in the same way again, again and again. Holistic Education The Nursery set out many different activities for the Children. This is designed for them for the different areas that they develop within the Nursery. They are set to reach all the areas of learning, Personal social and emotional development, communication language and literacy development, problem solving reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical development and creative development. With all these different resources the Children begin to recognize their skills and how to use them. For an example, in the toddler room the creative area always has something out, the toddlers can then sit at the table, start to do mark making on the paper and realize they are drawing on paper. They created a picture! The holistic education is also important to the Children because they can learn through their play. They can also develop their play by watching another Child or Adult play differently to them. For an example, if I were to show my Key Children how to build a tower, I might use different materials to them. They could them observe me playing and then try it out themselves. Different types of
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