Understand Professional Supervision Essay

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| |[pic] | |Candidate Performance Evidence Record | | NVQ Title and Level: QCF Diploma Level 5 |ASSESSMENT REPORT | | | |Unit 532: Understanding professional supervision practice…show more content…
When they | |reach the final stage they have obtained the knowledge and experience to become a supervisor themselves and take responsibility for their own future | |growth. | | | |Intergrated Models rely on more than one theory and technique and were designed to be employed with multiple therapeutic orientations. Two intergrated| |models of supervision are Bernard's Discrinimation model and Holloway's Systems approach. | | | |Bernard's Discrimination Model has three supervisory roles Teacher, councillor, and consultant and has three areas of focus for skill building, | |process, conceptualisation and personalisation. The supervisor is in one role and one focus at a time and can therefore respond in one of nine ways. | |Supervisors all have personal habits which lean towards some of the roles or focus's must choose the interaction required for the supervisees learning|
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