Understand Sensory Loss (Ss Mu 3.1)

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1. Understand the factors that impact on an individual with sensory loss 1.1 Analyse how a range of factors can impact on individuals with sensory loss Impact on communication Sensory losses can affect on normal living in a variety of ways. These can be hidden disability which can ultimately result in social isolation and frustration due to not being able to communicate efficiently. In case of hearing loss, day-to-day activities such as hearing a doorbell, using the telephone, watching television or taking part in conversations can build a sense of discomfort and inadequacy. On the other hand, those who have vision impairment cannot distinguish faces during face to face talk, feel difficulty in watching TV and reading time…show more content…
One of the positive effects is increased help and aid for support in form of education, guidelines and material recourse. Rehabilitation centre for physical and psychological support of such individual also have regenerative effects on individual with sensory loss. 1.3 Explore how a range of factors, societal attitudes and beliefs impact on service provision Most prominent factor which hinders service provision is discrimination. People tend to discriminate between different genders, races and socioeconomic status. Sensory impaired people need some assistive devices such as Hearing aids, glasses/lenses, guide dogs, etc Barriers to obtaining adequate & appropriate services, hearing aids, pair of glasses, dentures, walking stick/frames and grabbers, in case of discrimination they deprived from such devices which hinder them to live better life. There are certain services which play important role in lives of such peoples such as physio therapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy and rehabilitation services. If there is any break in service provision of such services then life of such people is affected badly. There are some common gaps in communication between service provider and service users which lead to knowledge deficit in such people. Due to knowledge deficit they are unable to cope with current condition. There are specific point

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