Understand the Factors That Can Effect Interactions and Communication of Individuals with Dementia

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Outcome 1. Understand the concept of diversity and its relevance to working with individuals who have dementia.
1. Explain what is meant by the terms
Diversity: This means difference and peoples differences are varied. Race, culture, age, marital status, politics and religion is all what makes us an individual.
Anti-discriminatory practice: Action taken to prevent discrimination against people on the grounds of race, class, gender, disability etc. Anti-discriminatory practice promotes equality by introducing anti-discrimination policies in the workplace.
Also known as anti-oppressive practice.
2. Explain why it is important to recognise and respect an individuals heritage.
Some individuals may become very withdrawn when they enter a care
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It is important to give feedback to anyone on their competence in caring, especially in relation to their behaviour and attitude. If anyone providing care hold negative stereotypical views about our clients and some of these clients are unable to assert their views, or rights or have no advocate this can result in undignified care and at its extreme can lead to neglectful or abusive treatment. If anyone observes a colleague, another healthcare professional, or family member giving a poor standard of care we intervene as soon as possible, raising our concerns with the individual, while maintaining the safety of the older person. Our approach to the situation should be non-confrontational as very often individuals do not realise that they are behaving in an unacceptable way. If we feel it may be too difficult for us to deal with the issue ourselves we should raise our concerns as soon as possible with a more senior member of staff. This is particularly important when dealing with a potentially abusive situation with a vulnerable older person. The priority has to be ensuring that the person is safe from harm. It is essential that we follow our organisation’s policies and procedures for safeguarding and protecting vulnerable adults, dealing with discrimination, oppression whistle blowing, as other agencies such as social services or the police may need to be involved. The manager and seniors make sure that all members of staff have the knowledge
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