Understand the Potential Effect of Transitions on Children and Young People’s Development.

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Understand the potential effect of transitions on children and young people’s development. Through out our lives we are confronted by changes. People, places and even our own bodies change. We are faced by ongoing periods of transition as things alter from how they were to how they are now. Transitions can positively or negatively impact on children and young people’s development depending on how they are supported and the change is managed. There are several types of transition children and young people face, including, emotional, physical, physiological, and intellectual that if not correctly handled can have a negative impact on development. EMOTIONAL TRANSITIONS Bereavement The loss of a loved one, a pet (close deaths)…show more content…
This change can also means a physical transition because the child or young person may also have to deal with going to a new school, and establishing new network of friends. If well managed this can be positive transition. If the child is moved from an unstable, neglected home to a stable, warm and loving one, it can have a good emotional effect and improve their sense of security and self worth. Divorce/ Family Breakdown Changes to family circumstances can have a profound effect on children. Separation or Divorce can leave the child with a sense of bereavement, like they have lost one of their parents. They may feel angry or confused and worried about what will happen to them in the future. They may also feel that they are in some way to blame for the family breakdown so carry a burden of guilt. These negative emotions may lead to a lack of concentration at school, or exhibits themselves as withdrawn or aggressive behaviours. In cases where a family breakdown is caused because on of the adults have been abusive and/or violent to the other this can be a positive transition as the child or young person will be taken out of a difficult home environment. PHYSICAL Moving house or area This physical transition can have an emotional impact on a child as they may be moving away from family and established friendships to an unknown place. They may be worried that they won’t ‘fit in’ and make new friends. They may grieve for their old
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