Understand the Role of Promotion Within the Marketing Mix

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Understand the role of promotion within the marketing mix

Products and services of Apple
Product range
The product is at the heart of marketing exchange process. For this example we will take a 3D television , that Apple sells. If the 3D television does not deliver the benefits the customer wanted , or if it does not live up to the customer’s expectations, then this can be very costly for Apple

Apple offer a range of products. They are not restricted to one product , in fact , Apple sells for example , apple’s iPod range includes the shuffle , Nano , Classic and Touch. Apple sells a variety of these ranges. The total sum of all the products and variants offerd by Apple is a.k.a the product mix or range.

New products
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How the product looks in terms of its design and style may influence perceptions of its design and quality. A good example of this would be how customers perceive the iPhone as a well-designed , high-quality, stylish phone. Customers are also influenced by the corporate image of Mediamarkt that is selling the product. For example , if customers are uncertain about a product being launched by Mediamarkt, they may still purchache the product based on their positive perception of Mediamarkt – despite reservation about the product itself.

Product features and variations
When a product like the 3D television from Apple , does not have a strong set of features or product variations to set it truly apart from competition , the promotional activity has to create and establish a unique selling proposition or point (a.k.a USP) for the product. The USP is something that the competition does not or cannot offer. A unique selling point or proposition should increase consumers understanding of what is important about the product or service, an advertisement of Apple should concentrate on just one powerful message. The advertisement needs to stress the product, in this case the 3D television, unique features, driving home its advantages over the competition with a compelling sales pitch. The unique features of the television is that it is the most lightest 3D television is. But also that you do not need 3D

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