Understanding A Data Breach?

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Understanding a Data Breach
Ten years ago business professionals were grappling with the decision of whether to implement cloud computing into their organizations. Today, we no longer have the luxury of “If” we will embrace the new technology but rather “How” we will make it as safe as possible.
The Article
In his November 2013 article published in Business Finance Magazine, “The Real Security Risks of Running Finance Apps in the Cloud”, Ramesh Rajagopal suggests that the real threats with cloud computing fall into two main categories, data compromise through exploit and data compromise through user misstep.
Data Compromise through Exploit
Rajagopal maintains that the very nature of browsers themselves lends itself to exploitation. “Unfortunately the promiscuity of browsers when it comes to fetching dynamic content has made it easy for hackers to distribute exploits within web code.” (Rajagopal, 2013)
The Federal Bureau of Investigation states several common ways IT professionals protect against browser vulnerabilities. These include using a firewall, installing and updating Antivirus and Antispyware software, and simply watching what you download. “Carelessly downloading e-mail attachments can circumvent even the most vigilant anti-virus software.” (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2014)
Rajagopal takes these basic endpoint security theories and expands upon them in his article. He introduces us to the idea of virtual containers for secure browsing. These are…

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