Understanding Adult Learning Essay

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There are many ways that people learn. The reasons for learning can come in a variety of ways. Physiological breakthroughs have brought new meaning to the way that the human brain receives and uses information. The information is used in a variety of ways throughout life for individual success and overall success. All information received in any form is part of the learning process.

The adult learner is someone who wants to know specific information for a purpose. How a person learns to get to where they want to be comes in a variety of ways. When one knows that something must be learned, he or she has to step back and evaluate the situation and ask themselves, “Why do I want to learn, and what steps
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Subsequently, not all sources are correct and sometimes further investigation may be required. Many people may turn to the internet as a source for information. Many believe that all information on the World Wide Web is true; however, much of the information required to find an answer must be further researched. The Internet is a powerful tool but it may also lead some astray (McLagan, 2011). How the information and knowledge is interpreted is very important. For “New Knowledge”, one has to simply try interpreting the information and using it in everyday situations. Using the information is a good way for the data to be stored in the brain. To clarify that the information given was true, one may find it best to use the information, determine whether or not that it works, then evaluate. If the information does seem to be helpful, after many tests are completed, use the information in everyday life to achieve a level of personal success (McLagan, 2011). When one needs to complete a task at hand, there are several steps that must be taken. The workforce is a place where daily task must be completed within a day to day basis. In order to complete the task, certain levels of knowledge must be required in order for the task to be completed. When a person is up for a promotion, many businesses do not want to spend thousands of dollars on training for an unsuccessful turnout. In a recent study, business’s look
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