Understanding And Debating Environmental Issues

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The Need for Environmental Laws SII199H1F Understanding and Debating Environmental Issues Fall 2014 Instructor: Karen Ing Bhavroop Riar 1001542761 Introduction Global climate change has been an unresolved issue since the 1970’s. Despite the facts presented by scientists, the governments refuses to take action. It has been estimated that the global mean temperatures have already risen by 0.8°C and the current amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will cause the temperature to rise by another 0.8°C, whereas 2°C is considered the maximum rise which the earth will be able cope without any major catastrophes (Mckibben, 2012). At the present rate of climate change we are already experiencing a shift in seasonal patterns. The governments’ inability to make strict laws regarding reduction in emission, therefore, stirs the controversy that what is stopping them and why do they refuse to do anything about it. My propose of writing this paper is to examine the current rate of climate change and its negative impacts, therefore, explaining why changes need to be made in the environmental governance for the betterment. This essay will answer the question that do changes in the environmental law effect the economic growth of the country? And if so is the implementation of environmental law still important. I will argue that short term economic growth will not benefit in the future and that finding a balance in the implementation of laws
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