Understanding And Exploring Assumptions Of Assumptions

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Understanding and Exploring Assumptions Assumptions are important, but not in the way; many would think. The term assumption sometimes is associated with the word guess, but that’s not the meaning as it concerned statistics’ to ensure that your data. In the area of statistics ',’ the word assumption signifies completeness of the data collected (Triola, 2008) . The assumption aids the researcher in verifying the data because if the data does not meet the requirement, the researcher must, then treat the data in a different way to ensure the best interpolation of the data. Assumption is required in completing statically analyses: histograms, levenes test for homogeneity of variance, normality, normal pp-plots as well in the use of chi-square (Field, 2013; Hayes & Cai, 2007; Triola, 2008)witch use the assumption of random sampling. In the use of ANOVA method, the assumption of normality is the basis for the technique. Assumptions aid in identifying deviation of data as it concern normality. Perhaps one-way to identify or investigate deviation is to simply view a histogram from within a package such as SPSS, Minitab, SAS and Statdisk. Assumptions matter for a number of reasons, according to (Field, 2013; Hayes & Cai, 2007) there are perhaps three components of importance when talking about assumptions, e.g., Parameter estates, confidence intervals, and significance tests. Download Festival Histograms and p-p plots Figure 1 Day one Curve Figure 2Histogram Day Two

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