Understanding And Guiding Developmental Processes

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Physical development refers to physical body changes. It occurs in a relatively stable, predictable sequence. Motor developmental theories provide insights into how children grow and learn. Theories are helpful for understanding and guiding developmental processes. The principle of the maturation theory is growth and development occurs in orderly stages and sequence, that is, certain skills and abilities generally occur before other milestones are reached. For example, most infants learn to crawl before they learn to walk. However, it is also important to realize that the rate at which these milestones are reached can vary. Some children learn to walk earlier than their same-age peers, while others may take a bit longer
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However in the dynamic theory the nervous system is considered part of the development motor system and the nervous system must dynamically change and interact with other systems to achieve coordinated movements for individual needs. Even nature of terrain and environment affects motor skill development, but there are three categories of movements which help children learning motor skills, they are stability movement, locomotive movement and manipulative movement.

The information sensory processing theory tells us that we all have an innate learning ability. Children are born with specialised information processing abilities that enable them to figure out structure of motor development. Information processing describes how children’s body performs; take in large amounts of information from the environment which are and analyse and interpret the information then make decisions about what response to make therefore it determines children’s motor development. This stage involves the sensory mechanism detecting signals in the environment. Information is received from the environment via vestibular, tactile, auditory, visual and proprioception system. The information is gathered from both internal and external sources. Much of the information received is irrelevant to the performer and
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