Understanding And Improving The Int / Fj Writing Habits

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Understanding and Improving the INT/fJ Writing Habits
Writing is probably one thing that will be inevitable in our lives. Even after our school years, knowing how to write will be essential in a lot of the careers that we end up pursuing in. Let’s be honest, when we are assigned to write a paper or an essay we either; one, completely “BS” it or two, don’t even complete the assignment because it is something that we struggle greatly in. Instead of trying to get around it, learn to master the skill of writing so that every time we have to write a paper, we don 't have to fear it. We won’t have to sit long tedious hours on the due date, crying with frustration, because we decided to leave what we dread most at last minute. Here, we will be going over and learning about our weakness, strengths, and tips on how improve our writing habits based on our personalities. To have a better understanding of what you are about it read, or to see if this paper will be any help, make sure you know your personality style Inventory. If you are a hybrid of INT/FJ as I am, keep reading on.
Based on our personality, prewriting most likely comes at ease for us. Prewriting is everything we do before beginning to draft our paper, whether it is making a list of ideas on a topic, reading and taking notes on a topic, or making an outline of your paper. But prior to that, it is important to know that we have understood the assignment in order to determine our purpose, choose or narrow our topic, and…
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