Understanding And Interpretation Of Emotion

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From the moment a consumer engages in a purchase, emotions are used to determine purchase choices and satisfaction. The way an advertisement makes an individual feel, or the display in the store, may promote the consumer to purchase that item or service. However, emotions do not just effect the initial transaction. After the transaction is completed, emotions determine the levels of satisfaction a consumer has towards an item or service. If the emotional benefit is equal to the expected results, the consumer will be satisfied, however, if it does not live up to its standards, the consumer is not satisfied and may not continue doing business with the organization. Therefore, the understanding of emotions is crucial to marketing teams to promote return customers and positive buying experiences.

In the academic journal by Fleur Laros and Jan-Benedict Steenkamp published in 2005, emotions in consumer behavior are illustrated through a hierarchy-based system of classifying. The authors suggest that the understanding and interpretation of emotion is extremely beneficial for marketers. When an individual views an advertisement, the emotions mediate the consumer 's response to the material. Depending on the emotion the consumer feels after viewing the advertisement, this can promote them to purchase that good or service or deter them away from completing the transaction (Laros & Steenkamp, 2005).

However, emotions do not just influence how a consumer is influenced to purchase,
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