Understanding And Managing Recreational Fisheries Within A Social Ecological System Framework, By Hunt Et Al

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Fishing is often seen as a recreational escape from work or daily routines, as it also meets the basic human needs of nutrition. In the report, Illustrating the critical role of human dimensions research for understanding and managing recreational fisheries within a social-ecological system framework, by Hunt et al., we look more closely at the management of recreational fisheries in relation to the fishers themselves, and how it may influence the outcomes of the fisheries ecological systems. In turn we see critical connections between the ecological and social systems, which give us great feedback on a recreational fisher’s actions and how we can better manage those actions. In the report they focus on the coupling of fisher’s behaviors…show more content…
These give the researchers better information in regards to the connections and feedback between the natural and human components of the recreational fisheries system management. In terms of recreational fishing, using human dimensions research provides information about a fisher’s preference, behavior, attitude and wellbeing when it comes to the support of fisheries management. Taking an in depth study of the fisher’s views and opinions on policy and management issues can better illustrate how fishers make choices for pursuing fishing among sites that may differ greatly in their regulations and many other attributes. Being able to understand a fisher’s evaluations on a wide scale will better help human dimensions researchers interpret and predict their future behaviors, which has become an important area of enquiry. Before, human dimensions researchers studied a small scale of fishers and did not account for diversity; the new studies being conducted do the exact opposite. L.M. Hunt et al. look at the fisher’s evaluations in a much broader aspect. By taking a deeper study into understanding fishers and what prompts their actions will better allow human dimension researchers and biologists to make connections between the fishers and fish, whereas they would otherwise solely focus on the fisheries biology. The
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