Understanding And Report The Signs Of Workplace Violence

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Understand & Report the Signs of Workplace Violence An important presentation for all employees of The ABC Company Self-Study Student Workbook Table of Contents Why Take this Course 4 Defining the Workplace 5 What is Workplace Violence? 5 What is Workplace Violence? 6 The High Price of Workplace Violence 7 True or False? 7 Occupational Risk Factors 8 Occupational Groups Most at Risk 9 Prevention Strategies 10 Risk Factors Where I Work 11 Assessing Risk Factors: 11 Paying the Ultimate Price 14 Classifying Offender Types 15 Violence by a Stranger 15 Violence by a Current or Former Client 16 Violence by a Co-Worker 16 Violence by Family, Friend or Acquaintance 17 Profile of an Assailant 18 Personal Issues 18 Personal Issues 19 Are You Seeing These Problem Behaviors at Work? Report them! 19 Social Issues 19 Threats or /Violence 19 Behavioral Issues 19 Understand & Report the Warning Signs 20 Levels of Escalating Violence: 21 Employer/Employee Responsibilities 22 Employer Responsibilities 22 Employee Responsibilities 22 To Report or Not to Report? 23 Diffusing Volatile Situations 24 What Would You Do? 25 Where to Report My Concerns 26 COURSE SUMMARY 27 Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy 28 REFERENCE SECTION 32 GLOSSARY/TERMS 32 ANSWERS TO SELF CHECK EXERCISES 33 True or False? 33 To Report or Not to Report? 39 Course Objectives In Understand & Report the Signs of Workplace Violence, we discuss the warning signs of workplace violence
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