Understanding And Supporting Gender Equity

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Chapter eight of Multicultural Education focuses on both understanding and supporting gender equity in schools. Supporting gender equality use to mean providing both equal access and equal outcomes for all students regardless of their gender; equality meant proving students with the exact same rather than providing students with opportunities and experiences based on what they needed in order to succeed and better themselves. Equality does not only focus on gender and understanding, it also includes other diverse aspects of male and female roles such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, and religion. All of these diverse aspects create uniqueness from one student to another, which reiterates why we cannot use a one-size fits all teaching approach in our classrooms.
Gender equity includes the actions, attitudes, and assumptions that provide opportunities and help to create expectations about particular individuals. Equity requires educators to become much more knowledgeable about all groups in a multicultural society in order to meet the needs of all individual students and create a multicultural classroom environment. This diverse view-point to new perspectives and beliefs allows teachers to truly enrich themselves as well as their students. Not only does it allow students to enrich themselves, it also allows teachers to create both meaningful and educational learning environments for their students.
Not all cultures operate the exact same or share the same beliefs.…

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