Understanding Aristotle´s Nicomachean Ethics Essay

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As soon as I read over this question, I knew it was the one I would have to answer, because it was the one I wasn't sure I could. I felt the prompt would allow me the opportunity to directly illustrate the person that I am. However, my current knowlege and interpretation of Aristotle's “Nicomachean Ethics” has made the task reprehensibly difficult. I found myself wandering through a mind-numbingly agonizing process to properly address the prompt. This process consisted of working through two separate paths that addressed the topic. Though, I found myself seeing that both of these paths brought me further from the very virtue I was trying to show that I pursue.
The first thoughts that came into my mind when I sat down to write the essay were those that I assume many other applicants think. I found myself looking through the events that have made up my life so far, trying to find examples of actions and accomplishments that not only illustrate that I am a pursuer of virtue, but that I embody the mindset and ideals your institution values. Despite my intense loathing for writing or speaking about myself, I felt I had put together a good selection that strongly supported my pursuit of virtue. Yet, as I sat down to put these to paper, I saw a gaping flaw with this approach. Aristotle, along with his forebears, built their ideologies of virtue on a foundational premise of truth, for the sake of truth. To use words to coerce or convince, would destroy the very premise that…