Understanding Behavior: A Self-Reflection

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Understanding behavior One thing that I dislike is the group participation particularly when engaged in activities or assignments that call for participating as a group. This dislike comes due to the feeling that I am not as competent as the others and I always feel the others overshadow me in executing the tasks assigned. The subfield of psychology that can be used to explain this is the psychoanalytic psychology. According to APA DSM-III-R this condition is referred to as 'avoidant disorder of childhood' especially among children and referred to as anxiety disorder among grownups. The people in this group are self doubting, self-conscious as well as too much worried about meeting the expectations of others (Philip W. Long, 1996). I believe this problem sprouted from the fact that I come from a small family and we lived an isolated life most of my younger years with few or at times no kids to play and socialize with around. The best biological explanation of this behavior is the argument for self preservation as indicated by Richard F. Taflinger (1996). This could be an act to try and preserve that which I have and myself in general from being obliterated by the others within the group. During the engagement in the collective duties, I always get myself conscious of everything that I do, I try to do it to the best level I can hence at times end up overstretched than the other group members. It takes up my entire concentration and energy as well, that is why I
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