Understanding Behavior And Family Dynamics

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Week 2 Assignment: Communication Tia Durkin ECE355: Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics Professor Jeremiah 15 January, 2016 Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, but between parent and child it is both unique and special. It is forged and developed through love and a special bond that can only be understood by them. It begins before a child is even born, and continues through their life. Communication is how we make our thoughts, feelings, needs, and thoughts known. As babies, children convey this through cries and sounds; and is often best known by their parents who seem to know which cry and sound mean different things. It is imperative that this strong level of communication is fostered in a positive way, throughout their childhood. Having the ability to communicate effectively with our children is not only beneficial for them, but the entire family dynamic. A good majority of parents want what is best for their children, when communication is positive and reciprocal then it is reasonable to say that the relationship matches. This is why when parents are uninvolved or neglectful, we behavioral issues and a strong lack of respect from the child. In authoritative home, parents are still in charge, but they have a sense of mutual respect between them and their children. The proof is in the outcomes in these homes. Children have a tendency to be happier, respectful of others, better in school, and have a greater ability to form meaningful
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