Understanding Behavior For Classroom Practice

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The purpose of this essay is to understand behaviour for classroom practice. It will work to provide a teacher with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the learning behaviour theories. And how a teacher may analyse or understand how it may be applied to a student’s behaviour in the classroom. This can be done by comparing behaviours shown by students in learning environments, and to provide reasons for these behaviours. Behaviour is believed to be the way a person may act or behave not only within the classroom but also within the environment that surrounds them. Humanism is thought to be a model approach that shows how learning is seen as an act to fulfil a student’s potential. (Masten et al,2005). Key facts of this theory are…show more content…
It provides the concept that interactions are important between developing people and the culture in which they live. Lev Vygotsky believed that parents, peers or care givers as well as culture in which they live. The socio-cultural theory is believed to have grown from the theory that parents, care givers, peers and culture at large were responsible for development of higher order functions.
It is also important to note that socio-cultural construct is vital when looking at behaviour, as it can explain to a teacher why there are different responses to the same behaviour in your classroom. (Masten et al,2005). What we as teachers believe to be appropriate or inappropriate behaviour will vary depending on factors such as religion, ethnic back ground, socio-economic background, geographic location and period of time.
An important part of social construct in regards to behaviour is how it allows a student to work out how to master regulation of their own emotions, a task that will be difficult during times of stress and anxiety. (Masten et al,2005).It also allows a teacher to understand behaviours as well as personality development by examining rules. It seeks to understand human
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As it has been linked to how well a child manages tasks during early childhood. (Zimmerman 1994). With the majority of these tasks during childhood. With the majority of these skills children are able to manage difficult and stressful events that occur as part of life such as loss, or separation. This works to decrease the ongoing impact of stress that can contribute to mental health difficulties. (Zimmerman 1994). As a student learns to self-regulate skills such as concentrating, sharing and taking turns can also develop. This works to assist a child in moving from depending on others to beginning to manage their feelings and behaviours in particular when tired, hungry or facing new
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