Understanding Boys 's Failing Education

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Understanding Boys Failing in Education Boys will be boys is what most people say. This is more than just a phrase, it is actually a model of how boys are treated in the education system. There is a problem with boys failing education, and it is a problem that reaches all economical and racial backgrounds; we need to find solutions to help boys succeed. There is a slipping rate of boys dropping out of high school and continuing on to college. The trend starts to affect boys as early as pre-school. Between elementary and middle school you start to see boys test scores dropping. You also see boys reprimanded more; boys are more at risk of suspensions and recommendation of medication usage. “Most alarmed about the slipping ratios of men on college campuses are marketplace economist, who point out that in the information age college has become the new high school. Nearly everyone needs some kind of post-high school training, even those aiming for blue-collar jobs that don’t require four-year degrees”(Whitmire 15). Due to the lack of federal interest in boy’s education problems, school administrators have the job of trying to figure this out themselves. In the mid-seventies psychologist started to notice a difference in boys and girls. “Sex differences in cognitive and intellectual abilities, such as problem solving and mathematical reasoning [were] widely reported” (Serbin 796). Due to these various reports that also included disruptive behavior, studies were conducted to see
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