Understanding Burnout Of The Pastors

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In the previous two chapters, some theories of stress and burnout, pastoral ministry, and especially the context of African-American churches and pastors were discussed. With this background of the research literature, this chapter will discuss the experiential research used in this study with selected –African- American pastors. It will also analyze burnout of pastors in Northeast Florida African American by analyzing the results of the survey and burnout focus group.

Description of Sample and Procedure

Participants in the survey were Northeast Florida clergy who work in church districts of various denominations.
The sample was obtained by asking permission from individual to conduct this research. After obtaining his approval, the survey packets that included a cover letter, demographic questionnaire and burnout inventory were distributed to the participants who in early April 2016. Although approximately 50 survey packets were sent to pastors in the area. Only 26 participants (52%) completed the survey with usable data for the research. Some of the pastors have of a traditional, conservative character, some declined to answer the questionnaire by saying that the subject does not apply to them. Moreover, five were not in a paid pastoral position, six were not pastors, and two were incomplete.
The other participants were sent by mail the same survey packet. A total of 50 survey

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