Understanding Cognitive Processes in the Development Cognitive Neuropsychology

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Contribution Patient Case Studies Made In Understanding Cognitive Processes And In the Development Cognitive Neuropsychology A Discipline Introduction Cognitive processes are described as the performance of composite cognitive actions. Notably cognitive processes are operations that influence the content of the brain or the thinking process as well as the remembering operation (Lamberts & Goldstone, 2005). Cognitive processes are crucial aspects of human behavior and are concerned with how persons utilize their skills. On the other hand, cognitive neuropsychology is a component of cognitive psychology. Cognitive neuropsychology is directed into comprehending how brain's function and structure are linked to certain psychological processes. More significantly, cognitive neuropsychology studies the damaged brain cognitive effects with the aim of inferring cognitive functioning models. Cognitive neuropsychology is a portion of the extensive research field known as neuroscience. Neuroscience is multidisciplinary perspective that combines numerous means of looking at cognition and human brain (Kaye, 2010). It is important to note that evidence of brain injury, cognitive effects as well as the development of cognitive neuropsychology is founded on patient case studies. Understanding Cognitive Processes and Cognitive Neuropsychology Cognitive processes entail working memory. Working memory is the human capacity to coordinate mental procedures with momentarily stored data in
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