Understanding Communication : Communication And Communication

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TABLE OF CONTENTS PURPOSE OF HANDBOOK UNDERSTANDING COMMUNICATION TYPES OF COMMUNICATION METHODS OF COMMUNICATION INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION STYLES COMMUNICATION STYLES COMMUNICATION ROADBLOCKS HOW TO OVERCOME COMMUNICATION ROADBLOCKS THE DO’S AND DO NOT’S OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION HOW TO LISTEN EFFECTIVELY CONTENT PERTINENT TO SPORT STUDIES SYLLABUS SHELL PORTFOLIO EXIT EXAM STUDY GUIDES 3 AND 4 YEAR PLANS FOR MAJORS WRITTEN COMMUNICATION CHECKLIST ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS PURPOSE OF THE COMMUNICATION HANDBOOK The purpose of this communication handbook is to describe the basics of communication in the higher education environment. Included within is an explanation of effective communication, barriers to effective communication, and suggestions for improvements. Also included are strategies to expedite communications with students and materials needed to provide information to students in the classroom. Additional information is provided about standards for the Sport Science and Sport Management majors, portfolio requirements, exit exam study guides, and three- and four-year plans for students. This information can be used to improve faculty-to-student communications. UNDERSTANDING COMMUNICATION What is Communication? Understanding is the essence of communication. Communication takes place when we are supposedly at the same level of understanding as those receiving information. Therefore, communication is not what is said, either
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