Understanding Computer Security Features

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There are a lot of features on a computer system that people never stopped to look for. Many of the features could mean the destruction of your computer or be important to the upkeep of your computer. Also, some of these features could help in an investigation when a computer has to be taken in for evidence. The computer I am using is an Intel Celeron processor 2995U @ 1.40 GHz. It is a 64 bit operating system, with 4.0 of RAM, and 3.50 of MB. There is no specific Security software set up, however there are many other protection factors located in the control panel of the computer. According to the event log there have been 1,100 Administrative application events, 1,433 Administrative security events, 88 Operational setup events, 5,365 Administrative system events, and no Forwarded events.
The form of security I did see that was active on this computer is Firewalls. I found this information within the control panel. Firewalls can be let down temporarily by opening a port. The only problem with opening a port is that once it is open it stays open. If someone finds themselves engrossed in other activities while using this computer, viruses would have an easy way in, if the port is no closed immediately after it has served its purpose. The recommendation for this security threat is to only make a port through a firewall when absolutely necessary, and to remember to close the port. Also, I recommend that a person add a program only from a list of the allowed programs for
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