Understanding Consumer Behavior

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The paper focuses on analyzing the target consumers for this advertisement, the effectiveness and strategies behind designing this type of advertisement, and the impact of different social, cultural, and demographical factors.
Consumers are considered as the most important external stakeholders of an organization. They are the lifeblood of a business and the biggest source of revenues. Therefore, organizations need to meet and exceed their expectations in order to survive and compete with their rivals in the most competitive and profitable way (Koran, Faber, Aboujaoude, Large, & Serpe, 2010). These expectations can only be met if they are fully aware of their consumers' behavior towards their products or services (Pride & Ferrell, 2012). Therefore, the biggest challenge for them is to influence the consumers' buying decision through effective advertisements and promotional campaigns (Puccinelli, Goodstein, Grewal, Price, Raghubir, & Stewart, 2009).
Part 1: Online Advertisement of Amsoil Engine Oil
The advertisement under analysis is an online promotional effort by M&M Lubrication for its Amsoil engine oil (Figure 1). Amsoil is one of the highest quality engine oils available in the market for light weight motor vehicles. This online advertisement tries to convey a number of messages to the target…
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