Understanding Cross Cultural Communication Barriers

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It is a challenge to communicate effectively with people that from different countries and cultures. Due to the different backgrounds and cultures, there are a number of barriers to effective cross-cultural communication. The same words have different meanings to people that from different cultures, even the people that speak the same language. In my own opinion, there are three aspects of cross-cultural communication barriers: they are language, behavior and emotion.
Firstly, language is always an serious barrier to people in the whole world. People who speak the same language also have misunderstandings commonly, so there is no doubt that people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds have communication barriers. I can say language is a complicated thing in the world; moreover, communication among people speak different languages is difficult. Sometimes, words that from mispronunciations can lead to misunderstandings of meanings. In this situation, people can not communicate with each other effectively, and people who are in this conversation may feel uncomfortable with the unhappy ending of the talk. People look at the world through language, which includes emotions and concepts. If you consider how many times that you misunderstand someone speaking in your language, you can imagine how difficult it is to know the whole meaning from a person has a different background is talking to you. Therefore, language barrier can exist in everyone’s conversation and…
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