Understanding Culture, Development and Interrelationship

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The Relationship of Culture and Development

The center of attention is to see the relationship between culture and development by understanding both the phenomenon’s conceptually. It also identifies the importance of culture in the process of development, especially with reference of developing countries like Pakistan.

Understanding Culture
For sociologists, culture remains a general concept that serves to draw our attention to the fact that humans develop social solutions to their individual and species problem (Kantilla 2002).Culture is a term that should indicate different things to different peoples. To some, culture is just singing, music and dancing, as (Ayoade, 1989) quoted “People trivialize the limitless scope of
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Measured in terms of aggregate growth rates, development has been a great success. But measured in terms of jobs, justice and the elimination of poverty, it has been a failure or only a partial success. These words are giving the holistic view of the theories which deals development with economic perspective only, so, it is noteworthy that development is not just the economic growth, it is above than that.
There is another perspective called modernization theory: modernization theory is a theory of social and economic development, following functionalist or consensus assumptions that societies need to have harmony among their component parts. This assumption leads to the belief that modern economies (capitalist) demand special characteristics in their culture and the structure of social relationships. For example, family systems are assumed to change towards a narrow conjugal form, and away from extended structure, in order to accommodate the individualism and occupational flexibility that is demanded by a modern complex economy undergoing continual transformation. In other words, people have to bring change in their attitudes, behaviour, social organization and in institutional structure. This is the attempt which has been made by developed countries for so called development of developing countries.

Relationship between Culture and Development
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