Understanding Depression Essay examples

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In our never-ending quest for happiness in our life, is some of the joy taken away? Have our thoughts for what we always want turned astray? Why has the quest for happiness left us more vulnerable and sad? Are we a society of melancholy people that are all looking for happiness and disappointed with what we find? Leaving us in a state of depression and unstableness. Turning us into not only a society of dismal people, but people that are left spiritless and melancholic? In today’s society depression is referred to as the “common cold of the mental health problems.” More than 5 percent of Americans have depression, that equates to an astonishing 15 million people. It is said that 1 out of every 6 people has had a “major”…show more content…
(2) physiological disturbance, which currently focuses on the body’s neurochemical, endocrine, and limbic systems. Psychological causes are thought to include (1) family origin, which focuses on the general area of personality and its development, and on particular consequences of child rearing. (2) social influences, a broad category covering the general area of social and cultural factors, such as poverty, segregation, and sexism to name a few. Stress is another factor in depression. Stress can result from physical illness; from the inability to cope with certain life events, such as separation and loss, and from significant changes, such as marriage, and childbirth (Schwartz and Schwartz, 1993, p.3). There are certain people that are more susceptible to depression than most other people. Those are people who are more likely to become depressed out of their nature than others, some of those people include (ranking in higher susceptibility): women, men, the Baby Boom generation, elderly, teens, and children. The likelihood of women getting depression is twice as high as men. Most women have had traumatic childhood experiences that do not surface until later on in life, thus leaving them vulnerable to depression. Men are likely to get depression because it is said that men are supposed to rise above “feelings of emotion,” men often hide their sadness and that often leads to depression because they are
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