Understanding Disney : The Manufacture Of Fantasy

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Janet Waskos the author of “understanding Disney: The manufacture of fantasy” this book uncovers many truths about the business of Disney and their motives behind the company. In order for Waskos to provide her readers with a deep understanding of Disney’s invisible motives behind their actions, she investigates ways in which Disney constructs society. Waskos first provides the audience with an analysis of Disney and synergy. She then focuses on how Disney promotes the idea of capitalism. Waskos supports this notion by using examples, such as, Disney theme parks, the concept of mass production and mass merchandising. In addition, Waskos outlines ways in which Disney fails to meet reality, and inflicts social norms on society. Janet…show more content…
Waskos continues to explain that “Team Disney”, which is executives who took over the company, created many partner ships with specific industries to enhance the Disney brand in consumers minds(Waskos). Evidence to support the notion that synergy, control and cross promotion are one of Disney’s primary intentions can be shown through the technological advances that are introduced to society and Disney’s ability to keep up with them. In addition to going along with these advances, Disney is also great at creating its own. Some examples of synergy throughout the business of Disney can be shown through the many corporations that they own or have partnered up with in order to create maximum revenue. These corporations include, Pixar movies, Hollywood records, Disney cruise lines, etc., each time society introduces a new advancement, Disney has one to go along with it. Another example to help characterize the idea of synergy, control and cross promotion can be portrayed through the development of Disney theme parks, these parks are used to help promote character’s from Disney movies, and the movies help to promote the parks(Waskos). To further educate the audience on Waskos thesis and my own, the original fairy tale Cinderella will be used as an example to help express the concept of synergy, control and cross promotion. The
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