Understanding Engineering And Leadership Skills

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As a young graduate student from field of Industrial Management, I have always wondered about the transformation of one’s personality from student to a responsible employee and then to a leader driving a group. This course has taught me the basic structure of interpersonal skills that should be part of one’s repertoire to evolve in professional life. As the course draws to conclusion I am confident that the communication and leadership skills gained during this period have shaped me into a better manager. Being a better manager will help me in efficiently handling the challenges posed by corporate world in my professional life.
My attitude before joining this class was focused on solving engineering and technology related topics. I have
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The communication among us was lacking acknowledgement, appreciation and apologizing.
The other requirement of being part of a high achieving group was to display theatre skills in driving my points and also the group 's idea as a whole. My introvert or shy attitude did not help me in being a good presenter during the core meetings of our groups. Due to the lack of impressive presentation and theatre skills, my confidence was going lower with every opportunity to present our ideas. After the meetings I was left with the feeling of letting down myself and the entire group who have trusted me to showcase the group 's achievements.
While I was working for my previous company, once there was a teambuilding session in which me and fellow colleagues were divided into groups and were handed out specific tasks such as building a gingerbread house. Our team had some of the best employees in my division and I naturally expected us to win the teambuilding event. To everybody 's surprise we could never got started on the activity. It was not clear then why we failed to even kick start the teambuilding activity. During this course I started to understand the reason behind our failure. It was due to lack of an able leadership. None of us were willing to be a leader, one who can create a healthy space for communication, display vision, empower others with confidence and create a comfortable space to work. This
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