Understanding Ethics Of Social Work

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Understanding Ethics in Social Work
Brandy Whatley
Troy University
April 15, 2016

As a professional practitioner in the field of social work a great practice is to develop a foundation structured around the ethical standard set by the National Association of Social Workers. Dilemmas can arise, creating issues that could have a massive effect on clients, families, clinicians, communities, and the organization involved. In order to find a solution to the issue(s) models of ethical reasoning and ethical decision can assist with resolving ethical issues. Briefly I will discuss the case study presented with ethical issues, and will examine ethical reasoning models as it relates to the problem-based scenario.

Introduction Throughout the field of social work there are many issues that can cause ethical and multicultural dilemmas. Within the arena of counseling there are laws and ethics that each counselor should abide by and uphold. Ethical decisions should be practices daily to ensure no harm is committed to clients or patients. Being that our environment influences our decisions and thoughts practitioner’s standards to obtain necessary competencies to work effectively with diverse populations.
Scenario/Case Study A clinician whom has been working as a social worker in a local community setting has been requested by a former client on a social media site. The clinician is skeptical on accepting the former client for several
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