Understanding Event Planning

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Understanding the fine points of event planning is critical to being able to putting on events for any client. This planning can be broken down into the 6 A's of planning (Anticipation, Arrival, Atmosphere, Appetite, Activities and Amenity), production schedule and timeline. This framework is valuable as it can be applied to nearly any event. This paper will present two different size and class events with the goal of detailing the structure of planning. The first event to be examined is a reception for 200 people put on by a pharmaceutical company that focuses on local culture. The purpose of the event is to gratify and reassure their best customers. The event will be held on January 24, 2012 at 8pm, with the door opening at 7:30pm-11pm. The venue will be held in a catering hall with sufficient capacity on the East side of the city. In regards to the budget, the pharmaceutical industry wants to make their customers happy and will be satisfied with whatever budget. With the goal of hosting a successful event, all physical resources must be organized beforehand. The products are: lighting, seating, music equipment, venue, decoration, stage, tables, gifts, food and alcohol along with plates and cutlery. Some of the physical resources will be provided for us, Food, drinks & cutlery will be provided by the catering hall, music equipment will be provided by both the DJ and the venue, enough tables and chairs will be provided by the venue and lighting will also be provided by the
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