Understanding Fromm's Mechanisms of Escape

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Abstract To understand Fromm’s mechanisms of escape—authoritarianism, destructiveness, and automaton conformity—one must obtain an understanding of Fromm basic premise for humanity and society which is overall positive. Reviewing the mechanisms of escape can assist one in understanding how an individual can be ruled by another, take one’s own life, or become lost in society. Fromm’s book, Escape from Freedom, can be used to teach individuals and society, as a whole, how to better understand one another and evolve towards a society which exists in harmony. Understanding Fromm’s Mechanisms of Escape As Explained in Escape from Freedom and Related Journals and Articles For one to begin understanding Fromm’s mechanisms of escape as…show more content…
One only has to review Fromm’s statement here: “the annihilation of the individual self and the attempt overcome thereby the unbearable feeling of powerlessness are only one side of the masochistic strivings. The other part is the attempt to become a part of a bigger and more powerful whole outside of oneself, to submerge and participate in it. This power can be a person, an institution, God, the nation, conscience, or a psychic compulsion. By becoming part of a power which is felt as unshakably strong, eternal, and glamorous, on participates in its strength and glory. One surrenders one’s own self and renounces all strength and pride connected with it, one loses one’s integrity as an individual and surrenders freedom; but one gains a new security and a new pride in the participation in the power in which one submerges…the meaning of his life and the identity of his self are determined by the greater whole into which the self has submerged” (Fromm, pp. 154-155). As history tells us, Hitler not only sought to assume the glory of the Father Land but also sought out the annihilation of a race of humans, the Jews, and any other human species that did not fit into his master plan for humanity. Hitler’s hatred of the Jews, whom he portrayed as responsible for all of the problems and evils of the world, particularly democracy, Communism, and internationalism, as well as Germany's defeat in the War. Jews were the German nation's true enemy.

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