Understanding Gender Roles in Today's Society

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For many years we have been living in a society where depending on our sexuality, we are judged and expected to behave and act certain way to fulfill the society’s gender stereotypes. How is so? Since the day we are born we are categorized as a boy or girl bases on our sex. Frequently, we heard the nurses in the Maternity facility saying things like, “Oh is a strong boy or is beautiful fragile princess.” Yet, not only in hospitals we heard this types of comments but we also see it on the media, where they are referring to guys as tough and girls as delicate and weak ones. The truth is that in our society gender role is more important than sexuality. But does sexuality and gender really matter? What if someone breaks these stereotypes? Does our sexuality really reveal what type of things as individuals are capable of accomplishing? To start with we have to see know what these terms: gender and sex mean and what the famous gender role’s guidelines are. Therefore, we have to analyze and most important understand what is gender and how is seen in our society.
According to the Oxford dictionary, gender is the state of being male and female and is typically used with references to social and cultural one rather than biological ones. Sex or sexuality in the other hand refers, “to biological structure and function to being born with male and female genitalia” (protecting gender 317.) Now, gender roles are a set of norms that were established by the society. We all know that
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