Understanding Health And Safety

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Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction

Assignment 1 – Understanding Health and Safety

Task 1 – Discuss the use of approved codes of practice and how these will ensure compliance for your organisation with relevant construction health and safety legislation. Write down and present your findings. Ensure that you reference the ACOP to at least three pieces of legislation.

A safe and ethical working environment is an absolute necessity, and in order for this to be achieved, strict guidance must be followed. ‘‘The Health and Safety Executive, with consent of the Secretary of State’’ (HSE, n.d.), have compiled approved codes of practice (ACOP’s) containing detailed advice for all organisations and workforces to follow.
Although the codes are not strictly legislative, unless stated otherwise, they contain all the appropriate instruction to be in-compliant with
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This is defined as ‘‘any premises or part of premises used for or in connection with work’’, and continues further with, ‘‘it also applies to domestic premises, ie private dwellings’’ (COSHH, 2002, Regulation 2.).
As a result of COSHH training, all employees should be able to measure, define and control hazardous substances. In order to achieve this, staff must be provided with suitable PPE and clear tuition of it is to be used. This consists of maintenance, disposal and the correct procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency. This is clearly stated in COSHH, 2002, Regulation 12 (c), to include ‘‘the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard himself and other employees at the workplace.’’
It is the duty of the employer to provide this training, alongside any required data sheets and ‘‘understandable in-house information and training documents’’ (COSHH, 2002, APOC
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