Understanding Hinduism: Holi Essay examples

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Religion is not as important in today's world as it was a couple hundred years ago. In the United States the major religion is Christianity and no one pays much attention to other religions like Hinduism. Weird thing is that Hinduism has been in the world way before Christianity, yet not a lot of people know about it. As seen before when teaching religion it “lacked sophistication compared with lessons about Christianity” (Glod). Some people are raised to think that Christians are “perfect” putting other religions down, but everyone is perfect in their own way. Just like every other thing Hinduism has its own stereotypes. These stereotypes are often mislead or completely different from their beliefs. Even though Hinduism is a different …show more content…
This idea is common even though it does not apply to everyone. Many people also believe that Hindu's are polytheistic. Clearly many people are misinformed about them. As I interviewed a person from the Hindu religion they cleared up to me that they do not worship cows. They are a sacred animal and its very important but they do not praise a cow. They see the cow as holy because of their gentle nature which basically represents what Hinduism is about. Everyone believes they are all vegetarians, but they are not. However many of them are vegetarians because they believe cows are above everything and should not be killed. They are allowed to eat meat as a scripture says “There is no sin in eating meat... but abstention brings great rewards” (The Cow in Hinduism). Most of Indians especially in America do eat meat because laws on them are not as strict. In some parts of India the cow is considered very sacred and if you kill or harm it you may go to jail. (Holy Cow). Cows are allowed to roam anywhere they are actually the biggest traffic hazard. Hindu's believe in the divinity of the four Vedas. The four Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism. These are basically like a bible, but different. It contains hymns and other ritual texts (Violatti.) Hindus are also huge believers in Karma, what goes around comes around. They believed in being the best and doing good in order for them to received good back. If something bad ever happened it was
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