Understanding How Hitler Became the Man He was Essay examples

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What comes to mind when people hear the name Adolf Hitler? For some may not have heard of him but others have heard much about him depicting on the fact that someone could have learned about him in a class or even on their own. Most would think about the dictator of Germany who killed millions of people as the image of his notorious mustache pops into one's head. But what if some were to know that he wasn’t always the man everyone saw in 1933. Adolf Hitler may have been the most charismatic and decisive leader Germany has ever seen but also one of the most vile. How did he come to be this way? He surely wasn’t born like that was he?
To understand how Hitler became the man he was, one has to start from the beginning and even before he was born. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria to Alois and Klara (Polzl) Hitler. Alois Hitler was once a Schicklegruber but changed his last name to his supposed father, Hitler. According to one biographer he changed his name because of a legacy. Alois worked as a government officer which would impact his dreams for his son's career. Klara, whom he married in 1885, was his third wife. When Adolf was four years old his father retired from the service and moved to a village near Linz. At school Adolf was a little queer and was usually left by himself but to Nazis he was described as the ring leader at school which doesn’t prove to be true. Adolf struggled with school and barely passed through secondary school. Hitler explains…