Understanding Human Behavior By Placing It Within It Broader Social Context

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Sociological Perspective/pg.3: “understanding human behavior by placing it within it broader social context.” So far in the video you see how the gang and how they come about and form basically a Society (“people who share a culture and a territory”) The video shows mostly immigrants being the big population of these gangs, marking territory, and rounding up people to be in this culture with them. Social Location: “a membership that people have because of their location in history and society”. This is a big part of a gang, you have your areas/locations you call yours and you protect, you also have the history of the gang and how the gang MS13 had been created. If you talked to a gang member they would tell you their they protect their turfs, some other gang walks up and your goal is to shot them. They have to defend their property, it’s like a religion, and a job for them, you make money, killing people, selling drugs, defending people and taking money off the vendors that sell on your property. One problem though this is all around the world probably about 47 states wide, you have little braches of gangs, branching off and claiming their own turf with graffiti. Even those these gangs really don’t own the property and the areas they protect they believe that it’s their society and their duty to protect, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that they signed up for life and they will die for it if they need to.

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