Understanding Human Behavior

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Understanding Human Behavior: As a critical aspect for many organizations, the study of human behavior and the interactions between people and the organization is usually described as organizational behavior since it's mainly geared towards understanding and forecasting human behavior. For organizational leaders, understanding human behavior is a critical skill that has direct impacts on the success of the organization. Therefore, the ability of an organizational leader to be successful is closely linked to his/her ability to understand behaviors of individuals, the organization, and specific situations. Generally, organizational behavior examines the individual, people in groups, and teams within the workplace in relation to their interactions and performance. Importance of Understanding Human Behavior to Organizations: Generally, organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in the working environment and the relations between people and the organization (Vandeveer & Menefee, 2009). In this regard, the critical aspect of understanding human behavior falls under organizational behavior, which is a field that examines what people do in organizations. As the main objective of organizational behavior is to understand and forecast human behavior, understanding the behaviors of individuals within an organization is a function of the person, the environment, and the particular situation. For leaders, the process of understanding the situations and forecasting of
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