Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

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* Form 2 Assessment front sheet and feedback record PTLLS Level 3 This form is mandatory Theory Assessment No: | Unit 002 – Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning | Learner name: | Jessica Bell | Enrolment number: | | Date issued: | 23/10/2012 | Date submitted : | 06/11/2012 | I confirm that the evidence for this unit is authentic and a true representation of my own work. Learner Signature …………………………………………….. Date ………………… | Marker/Tutor/Assessor name: Grade: Date: 1.1 Summarise learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism. In any teaching specialism it is very…show more content…
Some of the students have a low level of English in this group however so I make sure that concepts are fully explained and groups are mixed so as the low level English speaking students do not group together. 1.2 Describe aspects of inclusive learning Inclusive learning is ensuring that when teaching every student is fully involved in the session and that no one is excluded for any reason. It is the responsibility of the teacher to treat all students equally and fairly and to never directly or indirectly be prejudiced or exclusive. Students have the right to feel included but also that their individual learning or support needs have been taken into consideration. For example, if a student had a visual impairment that required them to need a hand-out in a larger print, the teacher should not draw attention to this fact but she could make all the hand-outs the same font size. An example in my own practice was when I was showing a film as part of the college’s Black History Month event and a student had approached me during the film and told me that she had a hearing impairment and therefore would I turn on the subtitles. This experience has taught me never to presume but to be aware of any needs beforehand and even have the subtitles on without prior knowledge of a student with a need for them. 2.1 Explain
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