Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

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City and Guilds 6302 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Unit 002 Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

Assessment Task 1


Robert A J Gue

Submission Date

3 May 2012

I have been asked by the Scout Association to give guidance on how to incorporate inclusive learning an teaching in to their training scheme to meet the needs of the leaders who come from diverse backgrounds.

The Scout Association is part of a worldwide educational youth movement. The values, which underpin and inspire its work are embodied in the Scout Promise and Law and in the Purpose of the Association. Within this framework, the Association is committed to equality of
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• Those who prefer a visual learning style.. ▪ look at the teacher's face intently ▪ like looking at wall displays, books etc. ▪ often recognize words by sight ▪ use lists to organize their thoughts ▪ recall information by remembering how it was set out on a page • Those who prefer an auditory learning style... ▪ like the teacher to provide verbal instructions ▪ like dialogues, discussions and plays ▪ solve problems by talking about them ▪ use rhythm and sound as memory aids • Those who prefer a kinaesthetic learning style... ▪ learn best when they are involved or active ▪ find it difficult to sit still for long periods ▪ use movement as a memory aid • Those who prefer a tactile way of learning... ▪ use writing and drawing as memory aids ▪ learn well in hands-on activities like projects and demonstrations

Source: Dr's Bandler, R. and Grinder, J. in the Field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

To summarise we have established that scout leaders come from many different cultures and religions and some have a number of physical
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